Tuesday, 15 April 2008

One Wales is a dream and not a reality

While clearing up newspapers that have been piling up for weeks, I came across a letter in the South Wales Echo by a Mr. D Hughes, London.

He writes with regard to a recent regular visit to Wales and his surprise at the naming of the coalition government, 'One Wales'. Thought readers may like to read his take on it all.

I have been visiting family here in Wales for the past month, due to a family illness and was surprised that the AMs down the Bay are calling the coalition government the One Wales.

How can this be when we have a nation divided by lack of public transport, language and regional finances?

Rugby is only played along the M4 corridor and our three major football teams play in the English system.

Rugby unites us when we are doing well, even if we are coached by a New Zealander and an Englishman.

I found to my dismay that it is not possible to visit the National Library in a day by public transport, even though it is only 120 miles away from Cardiff!

What is the Transport Minister in the Assembly being paid to do?

I have never come across so many people who are anti-English, blaming anyone but themselves when anything goes wrong.

Thankfully the English are not so petty with their feelings towards the Welsh.

In this the 21st Century, it's time we learnt to stand by ourselves proving we can govern ourselves efficiently and not blame everyone else for our shortcomings.

Before anyone who replies gets on the language bandwagon, I can speak and write Welsh fluently, and have done so since the age of 15.

Although this is only one man's opinion, some elements do ring true with the general public and thought it worth a mention.


Anonymous 14 April 2008 at 23:22  

alas doesn't ring true with this member of the public.

Geogpaphy divides wales hence the linkages we have - why do we want to force false linkages, what we have follows the geography generally. What lanaguage divide, we all speak english and many do and want to speak welsh. Regional finances????? does he mean objective one?
Rugby played everywhere, but the bigger teams are in the more populted south, again that was geography.
Whats wrong with the footbal teams playing in england? They play at the level they can?
And alotof us follow wales in any sport through thick and an awful lot of thin.
The old anti english thing just doesn't ring true, its banter and why not blame the english establishment, they have a lot to answer for!

Anonymous 15 April 2008 at 00:05  

we have Transport Minister who can't even see the value in getting rid of the tolls from the Severn Bridge, why would he and his colleagues be far sighted enough to actually expand roads or rail links rather than talk about it for ever.

Anonymous 15 April 2008 at 09:32  

what a stupid letter.

Most of the population of wlaes is along the M4 corridor so of course it is natural that thats where the most of the rugby would be played?

there are buses that run from cardiff to aber everyday so you could indeed visit the national library in one day. Agreed this transport is not the best but then the One wales government has only been in effeect for under a year and it is a policy commitment. misleading the facts as things stand wont change that.

Poor effort

Badger Baiter 15 April 2008 at 09:46  

What on earth is he on about in the last sentence? Why would anyone get on this supposed bandwagon when he didn't really mention anything about the language in his letter?

I'm afraid Mr Hughes has been living in London too long and in this case the distance has not given him a clearer insight into his native land.

Did he think of taking the train? Aber is easily done in a day. Piffle.

Miss Wagstaff 15 April 2008 at 09:54  

I hope that some of you are not trying to shoot the messenger. Just little old me provoking a minor debate.

Rebecca 15 April 2008 at 12:20  

pathetic ill thought out rehash of old chestnuts from someone really out of touch
there is far more that unites us - we are a nation.Why quote sport ?
I have nothing against the English and neither do 99% of Welsh people.
we dont have to be joined at the hip, most communities and familes are nt , but they do bond to gether as and when needed.
Miss W find a better more interesting letter writer

Anonymous 15 April 2008 at 21:58  

Severn tolls, not great I admit but lwts get over it a bit - its not the only toll in the UK far from it, the Humber bridge, the forth bridge, the QE" bridge, not to mention the various tunnels all over the place.
Its a bit pricey I know, but think it compares with the others, if anything we should be adding a few pence to the bridge and investi ng in ebuiliding the severn rail tunnel which by all accounts is well past its sell by and adds an extra twenty mins on the rail trip to london. Not popular I know with drivers, including me, but we have to invest money elsewhere.

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