Wednesday, 21 October 2009

You couldn't make it up: it burgers belief

A man has spoken of his relief after a charge of criminal damage to two beef burgers was dropped by magistrates.

Stephen Morgan, of Loughor, Swansea, was first arrested for robbery after complaining about the late arrival of two burgers with a pizza order.

His solicitor said Mr Morgan faced 20 hours of police questioning which led to a charge of criminal damage and later claims of breach of the peace.

Security worker Mr Morgan, said: "I'm just glad sanity has prevailed."

His solicitor branded the episode "a waste of public money" after a brief hearing in court.

Series of Events
  1. He ordered the beef burgers, worth £5, as part of a takeaway supper from a pizza outlet on 10 October.

  2. When the order, from Pepino's Pizza parlour in nearby Gorseinon, arrived without the burgers, Mr Morgan complained.

  3. He was told that the missing meal would be sent right over but when they failed to arrive he asked for a refund which he says the company agreed to.

  4. However, the burgers arrived shortly after but Mr Morgan, who had already eaten, immediately rejected them.

  5. Instead he insisted on £15 compensation for his trouble, which he was paid, and the burgers were discarded.

  6. A four-man police team arrived several hours later and arrested him for robbery. He was then led from his home in handcuffs.
His solicitor, David Singh, said the case, which he said "must have cost a couple of thousand pounds at least" should never have come to court.

He said: "He was arrested by four policeman at home and then spent 20 hours in custody being questioned and giving statements.

"There was a brief hearing last week when the case was reviewed and that was re-reviewed at the weekend by lawyers before the case against him was dropped.

"It started off with him being arrested for robbery, from robbery he was charged with criminal damage then they tried to allege a breach of the peace, now it's zero.

Mr Singh said the company's compensation policy of giving the food for free meant the burgers by that time belonged to his client.

Mr Morgan said: "I have just started a security business training dogs for the police and the army out in Afghanistan.

"I have had a lot of backing and government contracts and if I had got a criminal record I would have lost my licence to operate.

"It's just a relief it is all over."

Nobody from Pepino's Pizza was available for comment.

But a spokesman for the company had previously told the South Wales Evening Post that customers who got the wrong food got their money back, and free food.

"We have a good reputation. Out of 2,000 people who eat here, 1,999 are happy," he added.


Robert 22 October 2009 at 08:04  

Just like the police they spent twenty hours on this in the comfy police station, sadly we have robbery and the police will say whoops nobody available, do you want a crime number.....

Matt Wardman 23 October 2009 at 13:59  

" " !!!

Alexis, 1 November 2009 at 19:05  

It`s public money that pays for police time,
The wasting of which is considered a crime,
From the servants of our laws in pretty llareggub,
It seems a clear cut case about sweet burgerall.

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