Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Facebook slip forces juror dismissal

A juror has been dismissed from a trial in the UK after sharing details of the case on her Facebook profile.

Apparently she was unable to decide whether the defendants in a child abduction and assault case were guilty, so thought the best course of action would be to ask all her friends and relatives.

And, given her privacy settings were apparently not activated, the whole of the internet as well.
"I don't know which way to go, so I'm holding a poll" she wrote.


She was obviously dismissed for breaching one of the fundamental rules of jury service, after court officials received an anonymous tip-off.

While Facebook has been the source of numerous embarrassments over the years for countless people, it has also caused real trouble for people in their jobs, including the footballer who accidentally let slip he was going for a trial at another club, and an Australian man who was caught skiving off work when pretending to be ill.

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Stonemason 25 November 2008 at 18:21  

The juror is lucky, she should have been jailed, it has taken hundreds of years achieving justice, 2 years no remission.

Anonymous 26 November 2008 at 14:13  

... and "Sam" (single and married), who told the whole Welsh network on Facebook that he was, and I quote: "Single" and "interested in women" while on his blog he said he was married, and upon request of clarification started swearing and said he was "both single and married" because he was separated ... whereas a single woman on Facebook would read "Single" and "interested in women" ... and not "both single and married".

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