Monday, 8 December 2008

Taking one step closer to a new Welsh Assembly Government

Turnout in the ballot for the new Welsh Liberal Democrat leader is expected to exceed that of the party's other recent leadership elections across the UK.

Not only will the National Assembly have its first female leader but can we expect a new Welsh Assembly Government to be formed in the not too distant future? After all, new leaders come equipped with new bridges and opportunities.

The ballot to replace Mike German closes at noon and the winner will be announced later today.

A total of 62% of ballots had already been returned to the party's Wales HQ in Cardiff Bay by Friday afternoon.

The two candidates are Cardiff Central AM Jenny Randerson and Kirsty Williams, Brecon and Radnorshire AM.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats 'outgoing leader' Mr German welcomed the arrival of a female successor, saying: “I believe it will be very significant and should bring a change of character to the Assembly.”


randerson is a tory dot come 8 December 2008 at 13:36  

You Tories 'Pippa' are eternal optimists aren't you?

You only way into power is to use the Lib Dems as a Trojan Horse.

Your big mistake is believing my party will allow that to happen.

Plaid will have nothing to do with the Tories - so dream on!

Anonymous 8 December 2008 at 16:16  

Looks like Kirsty it is. No surprise there.

Anonymous 8 December 2008 at 16:18  

"Your big mistake is believing my party will allow that to happen."

Plaid will do anything, even sell their soul to the devil, in order to hang on to power.

Jones the boy 8 December 2008 at 16:19  

randerson is a tory dot come said...

You're assuming that the blog post means a Rainbow Coalition. Looks as if a red/yellow mix is on the cards.

Plaid will be left with egg on their face if that happens

Arty 8 December 2008 at 16:24  

Anon said "Plaid will have nothing to do with the Tories - so dream on!"

Plaid will be attempting any deal if there's a hint that Labour will be soon courting the Liberal Democrats.

Transport House rules 8 December 2008 at 16:37  

Labour has been waiting for this moment since the days following the last election. Now we'll see what they truly think of Plaid... bye bye!!!!!

Anonymous 8 December 2008 at 17:08  

Plaid have nothing to lose by forming a coalition with the others. labour have let them down. The public know it, the party know it and come the next election those in charge will know it.

Anonymous 8 December 2008 at 18:16  

It amazes me how blinkered Plaid are. Even their latest stunt in marketing their achievement in forming a government beggars belief. Ieuan Wynn will be dropping the Deputy next.

breathing life into the libdems 8 December 2008 at 18:19  

Congratulations Kirsty. Taking the libs back into government will breath more life into the lib dems.

Anonymous 8 December 2008 at 20:48  

Jenny Randerson is history! What joy!
All that's left now is for her to announce she is standing down at the next Assembly - which she undoubtedly will, having been trounced in the manner she was.
My Lib Dem colleagues in Cardiff Central will breathe a huge sigh of relief tonight, knowing Randerson is off to the retirement home.
She was not liked because of her rude and dismissive manner. Several people from her own constituency have let it be known that she intended to stand down if she lost - and that was during the campaign!
What a monumental blunder that was - it proves she has no committment to our party nor to the Assembly.
She and German can now gallop off into the sunset - good riddance - they are both losers.
They are both guilty of making huge political mistakes in the past and my party has now got its own back.
As for the Tories - its bye, bye also to Nick Bourne presumably?
With Labour about to renew its Leadership in the next few months, today's result ratchets up Darren Millar's ego several notches!
Bourne will look even more stale and tired compared to bouncy young Kirsty.
Well done Kirsty for restoring my faith in my party. I and obviously many other Lib Dems did not approve of the path Randerson wanted to lead us down in 2007.
Her dirty campaign didnt work. She and her people tried to drag my party through the mud. Thank god thet failed!

what a rant 9 December 2008 at 08:29  

Anon 20:48 clearly has a lot to get off his chest. If only he knew anything about the goings on at the Senedd Palace.

Patriot 9 December 2008 at 17:58  

For Kirsty to enter a coalition with the Tories she'd have to hold her nose so hard she'd suffocate. She can't stand them and anyone who knows her knows that too well. Its all positioning. Plus with the rightward drift of the Lib Dems at UK level (as everyone else slides to the keysian left) I'm not sure they are the kind of party Plaid or Labour could easily do business with in Wales.

If Kristy is wanting to move away from social democratic consensus she describes as 'gloop' ( which incidently won well over 70% of the vote in Wales) then where exactly is she taking the lib dems if she is not to crash onto the ground of the very Tories she hates?

Anonymous 9 December 2008 at 20:16  

Who said entering coalition with the Tories? She's been chatting away to Rhodri. There's even a meeting taking place during recess.

Dr. Christopher Wood 10 December 2008 at 01:38  

For sure, a historic event for Wales. Congrats to the victor.

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