Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Wales Yearbook 2008 Political Awards Results (Pippa Wagstaff too shocked to return)

According to the Western Mail the winners of the Wales Yearbook 2008 Political Awards (sponsored by ITV Wales), are:

LORD Elis-Thomas, Presiding Officer of the National Assembly, was last night named Welsh Politician of the Year at a ceremony in Cardiff City Hall.

The former Plaid Cymru president got the award “for his role in the Assembly’s transformation into a true legislature, passing Welsh laws under its new powers”.

The citation went on to say: “As the Assembly’s first, and so far only, Presiding Officer, he has had no precedent to guide him – something he has seen as an opportunity rather than a problem.

“Dafydd Elis-Thomas has never been afraid to revise his opinions to reflect changing circumstances.

“A radical republican when first elected to Westminster at the age of 27, he has been keen to involve the Queen and Prince of Wales in the Assembly’s ceremonies as he works to weave devolution into the constitutional fabric of the nation.”

Other winners were:

MP of the Year: Paul Murphy.
AM of the Year: Edwina Hart.
MP to Watch: Jenny Willott.
AM to Watch: Andrew RT Davies.
Local Politician of the Year: Councillor John Davies, Leader of Pembrokeshire County Council and the Welsh Local Government Association.
Campaigner of the Year: Nerys Evans.

Dafydd Wigley, the Honorary President of Plaid Cymru, received a Lifetime Achievement award.
Elis Owen, National Director of ITV Wales, said: “We are delighted to support these awards, which are one of the ways that we celebrate the hard work politicians do for us in Wales.”

The awards will be shown on ITV Wales in a special programme on Thursday December 18 at 11.05pm, hosted by Wales Tonight’s Jonathan Hill and Sharp End’s Mai Davies. All winners received a personalised cartoon by Mumph and a bottle of Penderyn Welsh whisky.

Is it me or are some of the award results highly questionable and could be described as scraping the barrel? No wonder Pippa Wagstaff is on a break from blogging. At this rate she won't have the will to return!


Anonymous 11 December 2008 at 12:04  

What hasn't been reported are the three attacks on Rhodri Glyn Thomas by three different speakers. None of which were amusing nor appreciated. The former cutlture minister clearly didn't give HTV enough money during his shift!

Anonymous 11 December 2008 at 15:26  

I hope they don't cut it out of tonight's airing

Anonymous 11 December 2008 at 16:16  

I guess you would have given it to Thatcher, Major and Cameron!

No return for Miss Wagstaff! Maybe they had it right then!

What's the story 11 December 2008 at 17:08  

Me thinks Mr Anonymous should read the post without prejudice...

Welsh Political Awards.

Trust the nats to bring up that old chestnut of Wagstaff's allegiance yet again. Could it be because Plaid's days in government are numbered?

Anonymous 12 December 2008 at 14:30  

I'm a labour supporter mate. Its more than just the nats that dislike Thatcher and the rest of Miss Wagstaffs pop idols

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