Friday, 15 August 2008

Blog 'Critics' Awards 2008

I did tell you earlier that it's the Awards season. Ordovicius' Blog 'Critics' Awards 2008 offers something different from last year:

Last year I ran the experimental Welsh Blog Awards 2007. Due to my experience with that little experiment I decided late last year to approach the 2008 version from a wholly new direction.Firstly, this year's version will be limited to politics.

Secondly, there is only one category: we'll call it the Best Blog for now, though 'Best Blog Post' would be more correct. The 'award' will have three winners: Gold, Silver and Bronze (like the Olympics, but without the moral ambiguity on Human Rights).

Thirdly, the winners will be selected by a small panel of judges which will be made up of non-bloggers (but blog readers) who are recognised figures in Welsh politics, including academics and commentators. Rather like the AM.PM awards, but for bloggers. These judges will be named once the nominations are in.The nomination process is a simple one: what is being nominated here is your favourite blog post (or blog posts, plural) from 2008 related to Welsh politics. Whether a blog is still running or not is irrelevant, as long as the nominated blog post is one that was published this year. Equally irrelevant is the nationality or geographic location of the blog author: as long as the nominated post is relevant specifically to Welsh politics it qualifies (yes, that means even Iain Dale could win; who knows?).

You can either leave a link to your favourite post(s) in the comments thread, or email them to me, or send me them via facebook. Remember to include hyperlinks and not just a post's title. Blog authors are encouraged to include their favourite post(s) from their own blogs among their nominations.

Due to the (new) nature of this award, it won't be called the 'Welsh Blog Awards 2008'; I'll consult with the judges to come up with a new name for it in the very near future. And no, I won't be on the panel myself.I'd appreciate it if you could get the nominations in by the end of August.


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