Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Technorati and the Desktop Meme

I've only just noticed that Damon Lord has tagged me into what's known as the Desktop Meme, where you share with others a view of what your desktop looks like - folders [warts] and all.

Firstly, although I think it's an interesting prospect that would bring you a little closer to the psyche of a fellow blogger - good or bad - I find this difficult to carry out in my case as on my desktop is a cute picture of my little boy in 'cheeky boy' pose.

Secondly - and the reason why I'm bringing it up in this post - is that only recently I've noticed this particular tagging, and that I've also noticed that Technorati is rather slow these days in tracking those that have tagged you on their blog, and is becoming unreliable. Has anyone else noticed this? I'm positive that the more technical minded would've already posted on this, but thought it worth a mention.

Before I go. Why do I get the impression that most men have pictures of women on their desktop? ;)


Anonymous 8 January 2008 at 15:46  

Ive posted on technorati a few times. Basically it's shit. Take the WelshBlogIndex for instance: WBI has linked to me many many times, but not once has technorati refistered this, NOT ONCE, so yes, it is completely unreliable.

Damon Lord 8 January 2008 at 23:53  

Fair enough reason to not share your desktop. And yes, Technorati is a pile of poo. Anyone know of anything better that does the same job but is more reliable?

And as for men having women as the desktop? Not necessarily true. My sister has women as her desktop as well.

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