Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Short-term volunteer required

Her husband may have joked about "no member of my family is available to work for me" in a job advert for a part-time/full-time position in his constituency office back in February 2008, but that hasn't encouraged Julie Morgan MP to follow suit.

Mrs Morgan has recently been advertising for a volunteer in her Cardiff North office. The advert has now closed, so don't get your hopes up on two-counts, in cashing in on her last few moments as an MP.

Mrs Morgan is expected to be ousted at the next election, and some might say that it's just in time to spend some quality time in retirement with the husband. I think she has sold the job rather well considering the circumstances. Retirement, any one?

Volunteer Placement
Working For: Julie Morgan MP (Cardiff North)
Salary: None, but reasonable local public transport expenses and lunch will be funded.
Contact: Please e mail morganj@parliament.uk for more details and an application form or contact Julie Morgan MP, 17 Plasnewydd, Whitchurch, Cardiff CF14 1NR or telephone 029 20624166

Closing: Closing date for the return of completed application forms, close of business 24th September 2008. Short listed applicants will be interviewed in the constituency office in Cardiff on 2nd October 2008.

Details: Volunteers will work in Julie's constituency based office in Whitchurch, Cardiff and are generally people who are thinking about a career in politics, possibly starting as a political assistant and who wish to improve their CVs in competing for paid employment.

Volunteers come into the office under a mutually beneficial placement arrangement for one or two days per week. Volunteers are introduced into the office with a formal induction session. Most volunteers usually work on a range of interesting and often challenging constituency casework under the supervision of the Senior Caseworker. There are also opportunities to get involved in other constituency activities. Save on confidentiality, volunteers are not subject to any legally enforceable terms. Arrangements relating to the length of the placement , days of the week spent in the office and starting and finishing times are binding in honour only.


Dave Thomas 30 September 2008 at 12:36  

She's been a disappointing MP and hasn't amounted to much. This is the case of quite a few Labour MP's in Wales.

Part of her problem is that she's Rhodri's wife, the other is that her profile is low in the Commons, and her views insignificant in today's political climate.

Anonymous 30 September 2008 at 12:46  

There's nothing going for a left wing politician with no personality, profile and platform. That's her lot but at least she'll have a payout when she loses at the next election.

Anonymous 30 September 2008 at 17:09  

Would Julie Morgan MP (Cardiff North) or any Welsh MP/AM be willing to take on the dreadful chronic 'case file' re: Wales's dreadful record of protecting innovation c/o the WAG. It's vital for Welsh job creation, vital for boosting GVA per head of population - y?

Lack of adequate protection of Welsh innovation means investors will not invest in new inventions/discoveries since any Tom, Dick, Harry, foreign competitor, etc. can make, use, sell or distribute the Welsh innovation/discovery.

What insane commercial operation would invest hard money in something that can be copied, sold, distributed by any Tom, Dick ...

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