Sunday, 19 October 2008

Asking Miliband a question!!!

Returned home from a tiring day out with the Wagstaff family and now discover that I'm suffering from the flu. What could be worse? What about receiving a junk email; trying to think of a good question to ask Miliband; posting it on a website, and then waiting for the response. It's at times like this that I hate blogging!


My name is Mr X and I am co-founder of (a platform for the general public to submit and vote on questions for people in the news.) I am writing to bring to your attention a project our website is currently running with the FCO?

Following David Miliband's visit to Wales, he is interested to hear from Welsh people [only Welsh people?] with any questions they may have for him.

This is an extract from the FCO Press release:

"David is visiting Cardiff on 16-17 October. He will meet a wide range of people from different Cardiff communities. He will talk to them about how foreign policy issues such as climate change, migration, trade-investment and international conflicts are not just foreign policy issues, but have an affect on our daily lives. He will hear from these groups what foreign policy means to them and the impact these challenges are having on these communities.

Are you affected by these global issues?- Are you worried about the impact of global trends on your community?- Would you like to know how the work of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office affects Wales? - Have you always wanted to comment on an aspect of our Foreign policy?

If so, now is your opportunity to ask and comment to David direct!

During the next week, he invites you to put your questions on these and other related foreign policy issues to him via Yoosk. And he will respond to your questions on this site."

Cabinet Members have consulted the public before in similar ways but usually they reserve the right to choose the questions which they will answer – the difference with this interview is that David Miliband will actually answer the questions which people most want answering. If you think this is something which your readers may be interested in contributing to, we would be very happy if you could find time to give it a mention.

What is Yoosk?
Yoosk is an interactive interview magazine which enables you to participate in the news gathering process by putting your questions to politicians & celebrities.


Rhetoric Innes 20 October 2008 at 00:02  

it should be elected politicians asking us punters questions since we put them into power
i) How would you like me act on this?
ii) How will I vote in the commons?

I better ask you since you put me into power? AS IF......!!!!!

Topsy turvy shirt round the wrong way world!

keithwhu 20 October 2008 at 07:14  

Apologies for contributing to a bad Sunday for you Miss Wagstaff - it really wasn't my intention and hope this comment won't have the same effect on your Monday.

I simply thought that, this being a political blog, engaging with a politician might be of interest to your readers.

We did a similar thing with James Purnell and the people of Halifax and we had a good response.

Isn't providing a platform for ordinary people to question the people in power a good thing?

Matt Wardman 20 October 2008 at 07:22  

Yoosk is interesting, and they are taking the time to talk to people. I met them at the Jeecamp (Google it) in Birmingham in March this year.

Not sure whether it will work, but potentially it can be another way of getting comments from politicians.

For bloggers - especially non-party bloggers with no inside contacts - possibly useful wrt those politicians who don't answer our emails.

Just thinking.

Miss Wagstaff 20 October 2008 at 09:36  


I was only teasing. My bad mood was down to tiredness and the flu.

I agree with Matt, The site does look interesting and I'm looking forward to reading what questions are asked, and hopefully the answers.

I shall have to stop writing posts when ill. All tongue in cheek though, after all, who can ever hate blogging? :)

keithwhu 20 October 2008 at 10:58  

Miss Wagstaff,

Thanks for your comments about yoosk (and thanks also to Matt). Happy to hear that no lasting damage has been done to your blogging.

Welshwalker 20 October 2008 at 11:19  

Yoosk may be interesting as a technical system but I can't imagine that the politician's responses will be.
Bananas any one?
Hope you feel better soon Miss Wagstaff.

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