Monday, 27 October 2008

Who's Who in Wales

Having read the comments section of a previous post, it got me thinking about the make-up of senior management within the Welsh Assembly Government.


Very few senior staffers are actually English, and even if they were, but they were very good and competent would that be so bad? We just want good, if not the best people.

I can't help agree with the better comments above. What I'm wondering is why so many of the Assembly's Management Board are not Welsh. There must be some
talent that we can draw towards Wales or do most talented Welsh people move to
London and SE England?
I understand that when the Assembly was set up, the Management Board* [previously Executive board], could've been described as predominantly non-Welsh. Whether this means that talented Welsh civil servants had chosen to seek better careers outside of Wales is something that I'm not sure about and remains to be seen. We need to remember that the civil service is UK-wide.

This post isn't about being anti-English, and implying that only Welsh people should staff senior posts. That would be a ridiculous statement to make, and an even greater nightmare situation for the civil service to be in given the media criticism in recent years. Selection should always be about choosing the best - ability, attitude, skills, reputation, proven performance, delivery, vision etc. - irrespective of their background, gender or where they come from.

This is what I would call a 'curiosity post', and the following is what I've managed to discover. I'm positive that I'll be corrected in the comments section if incorrect.

  1. Gillian Morgan (Welsh)

  2. Emyr Roberts (Welsh)

  3. Richard Davies (English)

  4. Gareth Hall (Welsh)

  5. Hugh Rawlings (English)

  6. Ann Lloyd (Welsh)

  7. Huw Brodie (English-born to Welsh parents)

  8. Matthew Quinn (English)

  9. David Hawker (English)

  10. Bernard Galton (English)

  11. Christine Daws (English)

  12. Michael Harrington (Welsh)

  13. Jeff Godfrey (English)

  14. June Milligan (Scottish)

  15. Tony Jewell (English)

  16. Adrian Webb (English)

  17. Kathryn Bishop (English)

  18. Elan Closs Stephens (Welsh)

Board Membership
Board Directors are appointed at the discretion of and by the Permanent Secretary. Membership is not wholly dependent on functional responsibilities; it is designed to provide balanced advice and support to the Permanent Secretary, and collective leadership to the organisation as a whole.

The current Management Board membership is as follows:
  1. Dame Gillian Morgan, Permanent Secretary

  2. Emyr Roberts, Social Justice & Local Government

  3. Richard Davies, Public Service and Performance

  4. Gareth Hall, Economy and Transport

  5. Hugh Rawlings, Constitutional Affairs, Equality and Communication

  6. Ann Lloyd, Health & Social Services

  7. Huw Brodie, Rural Affairs and Heritage

  8. Matthew Quinn, Environment, Sustainability and Housing

  9. David Hawker, Children, Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills

  10. Bernard Galton, HR

  11. Christine Daws, Finance Director

  12. Michael Harrington, Corporate Information and Services

  13. Jeffrey Godfrey, Legal Services

  14. June Milligan, Business Development

  15. Tony Jewell, Public Health and Health Professions/Chief Medical Officer

  16. Sir Adrian Webb, Non-executive Director

  17. Kathryn Bishop, Non-executive Director

  18. Elan Closs Stephens, Non-executive Director

* such a bland label that it's been changed to the more dynamic and action-sounding one of 'Strategic Delivery and Performance Board'


Anonymous 27 October 2008 at 10:31  

What do they do and how much does it cost us for them to do ?
That's the next question

Anonymous 27 October 2008 at 15:54  

Have you noticed that new appointees are either doctors or professors? This makes you question their ability to step away from the world of academia for a civil service job.

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