Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Sauregurkenzeit Award Winner (Thanks, I think?)

Charmed, I'm sure! Thanks for the cucumber prize. One question... Should a judge congratulate the winner [don't know why] and then tell the wider blogging public which blog is their particular favourite? I demand a recount, unless the cash prize is enough to buy a new dress.

The winner of the prestigious Sauregurkenzeit Award for political blogging in Wales is:

Miss Wagstaff Presents [according to Cambria Politico]

Commiserations to Cynical Dragon who really really wanted to win this.

Congratulations to Pippa Wagstaff on consistently good blog content, on a successfully accomplished redesign and upgrade and, of course, winning the most votes in the online poll.

Judges Verdict: The standard of Welsh political blogs is getting better but is still lacking in significant ‘journalistic cutting edge’, impact on the political process or a coterie of regular post commentors. By rights, Peter Hain should have been the Welsh blogosphere’s first political victim but this opportunity was missed and taken by Guido Fawkes instead. Another major criticism is that many Welsh blogs are just rehashed versions and comments on other blogs or media stories with little original content. However, there are encouraging signs.

Judge’s Favourite blog: NoGoodBoyo


Cambria Politico admin 8 October 2008 at 09:58  

I don't know why you're miffed about not being the judge's favourite, Miss Wagstaff.

You were awarded the trophy on the basis of several criteria such as quality and frequency of blogging, your rebuild, online poll votes and so on.

NogoodBoyo is the judge's favourite because of Martin Morgan's quirky and original content reflecting an uniquely Welsh perspective and humour. The blog is otherwise terrible in construction and other criteria that were used in judging. It would never have won the trophy.

Surely you can allow the judge a personal opinion?

Miss Wagstaff 8 October 2008 at 10:51  

Sorry Cambria. I should've made it clear that my post was tongue in cheek. I thought I had with "Thanks for the cucumber prize... I demand a recount, unless the cash prize is enough to buy a new dress."

Any award is a good award in my eyes - no offence meant, and of course the judge is allowed a personal opinion. I enjoy reading No Good Boyo myself.

Best wishes,


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