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Welsh Politico Blog Award Nominations

A competition run by Ordovicius has now received nominations from all four panel members.

Oudles of thanks to those panelists that chose a post from this blog [Adrian Masters and Alan Davies]. If a stranger ever sends a drink over and waves to you from the bar, you'll know who she is. Further congratulations to all that were nominated.

The Welsh Politico Blog Award consists of the Gold, Silver and Bronze seals of Owain Glynd┼Ár, which will be awarded to the three blogposts that the panel judge to have made the greatest contribution to or had the biggest impact on Welsh politics in 2008. The following is the final shortlist.

The Panel

Alan Davies
Managing Director of Junction 31 and Director at Cymro Consulting.

Daran Hill
Managing Director of Positif Politics and Chair of Public Affairs Cymru.

Richard Wyn Jones
Director of the Institute of Welsh Politics at the Department of International Politics, Aberystwyth University.

Adrian Masters
Presenter of Dragon's Eye, and former presenter of the BBC's Politics Show Wales.

Adrian Masters

LIBERAL DEMOCRAT VOICE Peter Black AM: Welsh Liberal Democrat leadership race to begin soon?

As well as blogging regularly and for the longest time, Peter Black has consistently taken an honest and open approach to blogging. In this post as ever, he allows us to see behind the scenes with candour and without innuendo.

MISS WAGSTAFF PRESENTS: How to make enemies and alienate people

Insider gossip with substance. As always.
PAUL FLYNN - READ MY DAY: Hypocrisy' versus 'hypocrisy

His account of voting with the Tories against his own government. Like Peter
Black he allows all of us to understand what it's really like in politics.
Daran Hill

PETER BLACK AM: Different Meetings

Peter Black’s blog posts are at their best when he gives a cheeky bit of insight rather than cutting and pasting the latest story from the Western Mail before anyone else because he seems to get up earlier than other bloggers. This short missive from the Black bunker is a great example of his frank style. Mischief maker or party political saviour – the jury will be forever out perhaps. In this post, the impact and economy of his last sentence is provocative blogging indeed.
HUW LEWIS AM: Adam Price's Kind Offer

Huw Lewis doesn’t blog for fun but to make political points and that’s why he’s always worth a read. He’s one of those politicians that it’s impossible to be neutral about (even within his own party) and his blog is always forthright. This post is a juicy morsel of political defence. It’s also worth noting that the two bloggers in question, Huw and Adam, are conducting a dialogue on their own blogs rather than posting on each others. That in itself speaks volumes.

Absence from a legislature has made Glyn Davies no less relevant to Welsh politics and his blog remains a must read. One of the best things about Glyn’s posts are his provocative openings, which are usually engaging enough to draw me in (apart from the gardening posts). He usually develops a narrative which sustains interest and challenges the reader to revisit our conceptions. The non-Cardiff perspective which shines through is always well constructed and in this post he really makes you think about how devolution is delivering. Glyn remains one of the few bloggers in Wales who manages to write both from the heart and with precise language. Never afraid to cite examples, it’s never a rant, and always a pleasure.
Alan Davies

MISERABLE OLD FART: Leanne Wood - Communist or Nationalist
Very Witty writer + runs two blogs simultaneously in both English and Welsh. But doesn't merely translate from one language to the other. The content of both of his blogs is original, informative, and entertaining. A Welsh nationalist and a Plaid sympathizer (albeit from the right of the party) Miserable Old Fart is prepared to speak out against Plaid Cymru policy and hold Plaid Members to account, where others fail, which perhaps does not endear him to many plaid members.
MISS WAGSTAFF PRESENTS: Wiped from the Face(book) of the earth

Miss Wagstaff Presents is a must read- first for all the juicy inside gossip from Cardiff Bay. First to get political scoops. She/he/it has a finger on the Welsh political pulse like no other journalist. This story is testament to her growing influence, and the fear she strikes in to our Welsh political classes (particularly Labour ones!)
DYLAN JONES-EVANS: State of the UK economy
DYLAN JONES-EVANS: Welsh Conservatism and devolution
Dylan Jones Evans is one of Wales' foremost Economists, sums up the economic challenges succinctly in lay man's terms. His language is simple and his style is very engaging. Bloody good read.Whilst engaging with many economic issues, DJE is also an aspiring politician who not shy away from engaging with some contentious political issues, least of all his party's very own stance on the future of devolution in Wales.

A Frank and honest debate on Conservative Party policy on Devolution. Rather refreshing for a Tory politician on the question of devolution, which has long been shoved in to the long grass by other senior Tories.
Richard Wyn Jones

PENDERYN/BLOGMENAI: Beth yw pwynt Llywydd Plaid Cymru? (English translation)

AMANWY (BEVAN FOUNDATION BLOG): …Go on, say something!

VAUGHAN RODERICK: Y Gwir yn erbyn... (English translation)


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